Trying to Quit Sugar? Don’t Bother. Here’s Why…

Losing weight topped the list for a survey I offered the other day about your number one focus for your health in 2017 (take survey). But, right behind losing weight was: quitting sugar. If your goal for 2017 is to eat sugar-free, let me confirm what you probably already know: sugar is everywhere. So, just pull the plug on your plans to kick sugar. Pull the plug not because it’s hard. Don’t bother trying to eat zero sugar because it’s not healthy. Here’s why…(Pssst! You don’t really want to lose weight either but more on that next week.)

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‘Get To’ Lessons from #dryjanuary & The Magic Kingdom

Our kid has never been to Disney. I know. It’s fine. There are way worse things…But, yesterday memories of my one and only trip to Disney came flooding back to me. I was around eight years old (I think) when I went to the Magic Kingdom with my grandfather. As I remember, after a short stint in rehab for alcoholism, my grandfather (Mac) needed a change of scenery  and enlisted me as his sidekick.

You might ask, “Who sends their eight-year-old on a trip with a newly recovering alcoholic?” My parents. Here’s why…

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Lessons From Walking On Fire [And, 2016…]

In August 2008, I walked on fire. Right before we walked across a bed of 1000+ degree coals, we broke boards with our hands. The breaking boards part was cool and the walking on fire part was, well—very cool. But, the lesson I took away from the experience had more to do with something the facilitator said in the prep (pep) talk: 

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