A Lesson from Charlie the Barn Cat About Lions and Tigers and Bears

Charlie the Barn Cat at Boot Camp with Custom Fitter, Shannon

If you run fitness classes out of a century old barn you need barn cats. We have three on duty. Bruce, our elder statesman, is all black with one white whisker. He came to the farm with us a kitten in 2002. Custom Fit saved the long-haired tiger Rita from a life of  littering all over the place. The black and white short hair Charlie and his (now deceased) orange brother Herman came from a place that could have been from the set of the movie Deliverance.

We treat our barn cats like house cats and they do not want for anything. In return, the only four-legged creatures we enjoy in the barn are the horses, the dog and the cats…who never miss a class.

Which is why when Charlie was marked absent from Boot Camp two weeks ago, I figured that, like his brother Herman, he had gone the way of the coyotes.

Then, I heard him…

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