Food & The Holidays: Are You A Good Dog Or A Bad Dog?

The answer is...

The holiday season is upon us. For many, this means FOOD and lots of it. Are you a social butterfly, flitting from party to party and stuffing your face to the point of discomfort? Or, maybe you deprive yourself through will power and feel left out and lonely. Perhaps you are ‘good’ at the party but binge later? Do you sneak extra butter tarts from the office lunch room (into the bathroom) only to feel guilty, ashamed and…ridiculous?

When it comes to holiday fare this year, will you be a good dog or a bad dog? Are you curious about a possible reframe for your food this season (and beyond)? This post is for y-o-u.

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Feel the Fear. Then Ask This…


When I was in first grade, a horse named ‘Pepper’ threw me. I ended up with a compound fracture in my left arm that put me in traction for weeks. The break was so bad the doctors thought I would be left with permanent nerve damage and a ‘claw’ for a hand.

In the hospital, I focused on nothing but when I could ride again. (Perhaps there was some brain damage too!)

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